A Distant Sensation

from by Red Ribbon Army



Capsized my heart and soul paralysed.
Over thinking biting my nails to the bone
I cannot dream anymore you left a hole inside my heart.
Stomach twisting, turning the place that I called my home has lost all meaning.
Torn apart by desire, the fear of failure
Guided by the white line miles away, my fulfilment.
Enchanted by the city lights sudden realisation strikes
All I love I've left behind searching for something... Too finally call my own.
When I sit deep in reflection, I've abandoned everything for this passion.
Loss of psychological comfort and those that claimed they loved...

I'm finally starting to decipher my own sense of direction miles away I've found fulfilment.
Settling is not what I came here for!
Waiting patentiely for eternity, with my head pressed against the glass observing sadness day to day living life without a purpose while I've sacrificed everything for this.

No matter what the joy in life we are all the same!
Longing for direction life's little fulfillments
I just want to live free of insecurities
You won't let yourself be happy
Significant memories always haunt me but whatever is behind you now you must leave it in your past.
A chance to start again among unfamiliar surroundings.
You won't let yourself be fucking happy
A distant sensation
You won't let yourself be happy.

I've finally found my sense of direction miles away I've found fulfilment but settling is not what I came here for.


from Idealism, released July 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Red Ribbon Army Brisbane, Australia

Red Ribbon Army is a five piece Progressive Metal & Hardcore band originally from Townsville, Now based in Brisbane

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