by Red Ribbon Army

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released July 29, 2016

Jarryd Gertz
Jack Van Rynswoud
Kris Gosley
Alick Preston
Rangi Barnes

Mixed and Mastered by Jack Van Rynswoud



all rights reserved


Red Ribbon Army Brisbane, Australia

Red Ribbon Army is a five piece Progressive Metal & Hardcore band originally from Townsville, Now based in Brisbane

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Track Name: A Distant Sensation
Capsized my heart and soul paralysed.
Over thinking biting my nails to the bone
I cannot dream anymore you left a hole inside my heart.
Stomach twisting, turning the place that I called my home has lost all meaning.
Torn apart by desire, the fear of failure
Guided by the white line miles away, my fulfilment.
Enchanted by the city lights sudden realisation strikes
All I love I've left behind searching for something... Too finally call my own.
When I sit deep in reflection, I've abandoned everything for this passion.
Loss of psychological comfort and those that claimed they loved...

I'm finally starting to decipher my own sense of direction miles away I've found fulfilment.
Settling is not what I came here for!
Waiting patentiely for eternity, with my head pressed against the glass observing sadness day to day living life without a purpose while I've sacrificed everything for this.

No matter what the joy in life we are all the same!
Longing for direction life's little fulfillments
I just want to live free of insecurities
You won't let yourself be happy
Significant memories always haunt me but whatever is behind you now you must leave it in your past.
A chance to start again among unfamiliar surroundings.
You won't let yourself be fucking happy
A distant sensation
You won't let yourself be happy.

I've finally found my sense of direction miles away I've found fulfilment but settling is not what I came here for.
Track Name: Spirits Of Concentrated Hatred
Questioning your own self worth I see a beauty held within unrecognisable by you
Broken hearted distorted view of this world
I hope you'll escape this mind state.
If you stay.. Trouble will find you.
In due time our wounds heal I promise mine heal every passing day, learning one another's vulnerabilities we have drowned to far into the abyss
Burden by the sadness my dreams no longer satisfy, blaming ourselves for this toxic devotion we tear one another apart.
It seems now I'm good for one thing.. Soothing your misery.
Someday you will ache as I have ached. But I won't be there to kiss your wounds.
Ah, fuck it. Self destruction.
Like a rose love has withered away
A distant sensation I would have waited for you.
A distant sensation I would have waited for you.
Track Name: Reconciliation Through Education
Cultural survival
Questioning your identity
Westernised world's colonisation in waves of genocide "Improving our nation for future generations"
What gives you the right to play a hand of your god, the manipulation
Over a people and history that was long untouched prior to you.

These cultures and languages are threaten with extinction, dignity and land taken. Stolen generations...
Where the fuck should we begin?
False promises, treatyless nation.
Raping the very soil that we are weeping for...
Ignorance is bliss but enough is enough
Where is the justice?

We've been divided and conquered for far to long. Stop treating us like second class citizens in our own home.

Sorry is no longer good enough!...
Sorry is no longer good enough when our future is yet to be written.
Sorry is no longer, no longer good enough
When our future, when our future is yet to be written.

Invader of our system our people our life our mind our very own soul within.
We live in a world of anarchy!
Opposing cultural moralities are destroying who we are born to be.
Track Name: Valley Of Lagoons
We left concrete civilisation
Starting our journey home
Finding ourselves once again where we have always belong
Sacred earth the soil so soothing and strengthening
The beginning of our family
Isolated beauty
The sun shines the waters perpetually flow
Forever birthing new life
Here in this moment I could almost forget my remorse (in this moment I feel)
That this trip was with sorrow
A ceremony to let you go

"Hear us father, hear us weep!
Hear us father, hear us weep
Our hearts heavy for now you leave us behind
Father you are home go now goodbye"
Eternal slumber in the dream time

The wind scatters every inch of you over and far beyond the valley.
Becoming one with scared with earth
Becoming one again..
The wind scatters every inch of you over and far beyond the valley
Becoming one again with scared earth
May your spirit forever dwell.

Still to this day it breaks my heart
That on your darkest days I was never there
Young and foolish chasing my own dreams
I was told daily make time for the...
For the ones you love before time for them is gone and obsolete.
Death is pain we're all forced to someday know
Forced to someday know

I've learnt that the hard way and time got the best of me
Death is pain we are all forced to someday know
All forced to someday know.

Body numb my every being couldn't process the thought that you are now gone.
A family built upon endless love, I could only hope to be half the man you are.
Grand father hear me cry out this elegy, I am sorry.